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Personal care

Hydra Glow Face Moisturizer

Hydra Glow Face Moisturizer (50ml)

. Face Moisturiser (With Calamine-SPF 15).
. A cool, rejuvenating face moisturiser for those who dare to be beautiful.
USP: Great fragrance and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated

Age-Lock Anti Wrinkle Cream

Age-Lock Anti Wrinkle Cream (50ml)

. Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Oil Control ingredients.
. Use this cream to fight ageing and regain youthful skin.
USP: Keeps the skin younger with aging of the body

Tan Ban Sunscreen SPF 30+

Tan Ban Sunscreen Spf 30+ (50ml)

. Sunscreen with SPF 30+
. Don't let anything stop your fun in the sun.
USP: Makes dry skin smooth and irresistible to touch

Face Revive Foam Face Wash

Face Revive Foam Face Wash (150ml)

. Foam Face Wash with Green Tea Extract.
. Love your skin with the revitalising power of green tea extract.
USP: Customized to skincare needs

Lemoneem Herbal Face Wash

Lemoneem Herbal Face Wash (150ml)

. Herbal Face Wash with Neem and Lemon Oil.
. Experience herbal therapy with the power of neem extract.
USP: Specially designed to clean skin to help prevent common skin problems

Immense Fresh Shower Gel

Immense Fresh Shower Gel (300ml)

. Shower Gel with Aloe Vera and Olive Oil.
. Transform your daily shower into a relaxing, cleansing experience.
USP:  Softens the skin and uplifting scent that illuminates the senses

Essential Oil

Essential Oil 8 Magic (175ml)

.Nourishment Hair Oil with the Power of 8 Oils.
. TheCombined power of 8 natural oils gives you nourishment from scalp to tip.
USP: Provides quality with style

Growth Expert Nourishment Shampoo

Growth Expert Nourishment Shampoo (100ml)

. Nourishment Shampoo (SLS & SLES Free)
. A nourishing shampoo for these who desire long and strong Hair.
USP: Clinic Plus has 'do-good' ingredients which provide constant care

Smooth 'N' Shine herbal Shampoo

Smooth 'N' Shine herbal Shampoo (200ml)

. Herbal Shampoo. Get the shiny and healthy hair you've always wanted.
USP: Eliminates need of two separate hair care routine /Long and strong hair

Hand Reviver

Hand Reviver

. Hand Wash with Aloe Vera.
. Its Complete germ protection fortifies your system against diseases.
USP: Waterless Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers for killing germs instantly

Ultra Smooth Shaving Foam

Ultra Smooth Shaving Foam

Ultra Smooth Shaving Gel

Ultra Smooth Shaving Gel (100g)

. Contains advanced lubricants
. Incredibly comfortable shave
. Ensures smooth moisturising glide
. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera nourishes and calms skin.
USP: Better shaving experience

Gest Toothpaste

Gest Toothpaste

. Strengthens gums, enamel and teeth
. It's herbal so no fear of harmful chemicals
. For a refreshing, clean feeling
. Fresh breath and whiter teeth
USP: Provides protection against all forms of tooth decay

Immense Fresh Soap

Immense Fresh Soap

Hydra Glow Body Lotion

Hydra Glow Body Lotion (300ml)

USP: Keeps the skin amazing

Immense Fresh Soap

Immense Fresh Soap

Smooth 'N' Shine Hair Conditioner

Smooth 'N' Shine Hair Conditioner(125ml)

USP: Reduces hair fall and non-sticky

Trapp Urban Bliss Perfume

Trapp Urban Bliss Perfume

Trapp Ocean Blue Perfume

Trapp Ocean Blue Perfume

USP: An anti-perspirant body spray without gas which lasts longer& provides

Immense Fresh Lime Soap

Immense Fresh Lime Soap

USP: Handmade soap, Natural & Chemical Free

KanWhizz Herbal Henna

KanWhizz Herbal Henna

. KanWhizz Herbal Henna Hair Color Black for both Men and Women